Development of tree inventory system with mobile phone support

OData support
Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis I designed and developed a system for estimating the width of trees using two smartphones. Measuring the forest stand is a common task before large constructions, because the contractor must supplement the deforested area by law. As a part of the measuring process one must go over the whole area and review all the trees. The collected data must contain the exact position, width and type of the trees. The goal of the system to help the specialist in estimating the trees so they don’t have to measure them one by one, because the terrain often contains many obstacles.

The developed application can be used a few meters away from the target, so direct contact is not required with the trees, making the job easier and safer. The system required two Android phones, which communicate through a Bluetooth channel. The app measures the width and the position of the trees based on the stereo cameras, the positioning system and the built-in sensors.

Usually the measuring process is done by more than one person, so I developed a server side component capable of synchronizing data with the clients. It was required that the system is able to export collected data into multiple formats; currently, xml and csv are supported.

The system was designed to be used by people with average or little tech knowledge, so it was my goal to make the user interface as user friendly as possible. Through my thesis I present the calibration and measuring process, also explaining the requirements of the system.

In the end of my thesis I present a concrete estimating example showing the capabilities of the system, also explaining the limitations and drawbacks of using smartphones in a precise measuring process.


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