Implementation of location-based services on Android platform with Facebook API

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Through the growth of the web and the mobile sphere, the development of the necessary network infrastructure and the widespread use of smartphones, the ongoing online presence is present in more and more people’s lives. In the industry, a number of applications have been made to promote maintaining contact between people. Among these, there are also the various social media platforms, which can reach up to billions of people, thanks to the fact that with the use of these platforms people can interact with each other in a wide variety of ways. The largest such social network, Facebook has more than 1.2 billion users. The question arises as to how this process can be further supported and what services could be still implemented which could help people get closer together.

The application set presented here could be another step in this process. It is designed to provide location-based services to users present on the Facebook social network, helping them to stay in even closer contact. Users can, with their consent, share their position with each other and view the position of other users on a visualized map. Sharing interval can be configured and the sharing can be deactivated as needed. The application also provides opportunities for organizing and managing appointments. Among the developments, speed-optimized operation and scalability was important on both the client and the server side, as these applications are characterized by a huge user base.

In the future, this trend will be even more intense, with the emergence of newer technologies and tools, opening up our potential in this area. In any case, we can be sure that maintaining contact between people will always be one of the most important use-cases of technology, just as it was before, no matter what devices or tools will be used for it.


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