Facebook event based dating application development for Android system

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The spread of the smartphones provided a new platform for countless already existing softwares and services. The most popular partner finder applications – which currently have tens of millions installations – have a common concept how people can get acquainted with each other. The user has to like or dislike randomly selected users based on their profiles which consists of a short bio and few images. However, the liked user does not become notified immediately after he or she was liked, notification is being sent only in that case when both users have liked each other. In general, the matched users (who have mutually liked each other) have the options to share images or send text messages to the other party.

The developed application is grounded on an event-based approach of this concept. The user can select an event to which he or she is attending, then he or she is able to search in the attendants. The event provides an opportunity for the matched users to meet personally.

The user is able to narrow down the search so he or she finds only those users who will probably attend the selected event. The list of events and the data containing which user attends which event is obtained from Facebook. Therefore a user may only appear as the result of an event-specific search when he or she has already accepted the invitation to that event on Facebook. Besides this concept the application has further functionality which differentiates it from its competitors on the market.

The application is developed to the Android platform which communicates with Facebook and a Node.JS based server application with REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture. There is also a PostgreSQL database which acts as persistent storage in the server side application. The real-time notifications are implemented using the MQTT protocol. During the development process building a user-friendly and spectacular user interface was always in focus.


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