File sharing service in IP Multimedia Subsystem

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

We live in a society, where information is the most important value. The flow of information has become a major part of our daily activities. We are surrounded by electronic devices that have online presence. They can connect to an information network; let it be through a telecommunication network, a wireless access, or good old wired connections. This tendency, that our devices connect to the same global information network, regardless of access type, and they access services while having an online presence is called Next Generation Networking.

For implementation of Next Generation Networks the widely used Internet Protocol was a good base. For the purpose of delivering access network independent services, fast time-to-market service implementation, the IP Multimedia Subsystem, or IMS was designed. Whether it is a telephone, conference, or video call, video sharing, messaging, or anything a user can access via the Internet, the IMS provides a platform for all network-capable devices. On top of that, IMS is perfect for service combination because of its common platform. The success of IMS is partly because of leveraging successful, tested and widely used protocols like the Session Initiation Protocol.

My thesis focuses on developing a service on the above mentioned platform. Aside from multimedia services mentioned above, in this era, where sharing of information, photos, videos, thoughts with the community is very popular there is great need for a file sharing service. Users connecting to this service can share their files among each other in a scalable environment, because in this service the file owners manage the high network load file transfer traffic between themselves. This way the usual server side traffic bottleneck is nonexistent. This robust, redundant service follows the modern tendency of peer-to-peer networking.


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