Application of factor analysis in computational palaeography

OData support
Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

Paleography is the study of deciphering, reading, and authenticating ancient manuscripts. The discipline is important in researching the evolution of various writing systems. The thesis presents my research on the field of paleography using computational methods.

My results can give a solution to various paleographical problems by using applied informatical tools like machine learning and engineering design by analysing inscriptions of various archaeological finds.

The phylogenetical approach of biological systematics can be used for exploring the fine links among the different writing systems since it is also based on evolutionary relationships between species. The advance of writing systems effected by rise and fall of cultures, migrations and war is a similar evolutionary process behind the screen of our data of ancient inscriptions and manuscripts.

The aim of software development was data processing and script analysis using machine learning for exploring the ties among various script relics and the evolution of writing systems. The software is able to estimate the genesis and origin of inscriptions of archeological finds.


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