Development of reporting technique in factoring

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

My final thesis is about reporting that receives increasing attention in operation of companies.

The reporting plays an important role in taking the top executive decisions in the shortest possible time and provides feedback about the company's performance.

My task was to develop the reporting solutions of a medium-sized factoring company. The business of the financial companies is changing rapidly, therefore we have to adapt to these changes as quickly as possible. The development of reporting gives an opportunity to the company's stakeholders to have access to the required work related information.

The reporting was assured to the company through a data warehouse based reporting application. The data created during the business operation have been stored in a restructured way, in a form that facilitates efficient queries, precise statements, reports and promotes creating simple, quick analyzes.

First of all I have examined some of the major business intelligence software from reporting point of view in order to apply the most proper solution that meets business needs. During the investigation it became clear to me that in case of a medium -sized company there is no need to implement a complete business intelligence system. Therefore I have applied for a more simple solution.

My choice fell on the Oracle Application Express development tool, which is suitable for development of PL\SQL-based Web applications and I considered to be adequate for the implementation of reporting.

During the development I created a data warehouse (including multiple data marts), which is the basis for reporting and then I installed and configured the chosen development environment. Using the Oracle Application Express, I created a data warehouse based reporting application. In this reporting application I have implemented statements and reports, which meets business needs.


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