Implementation of header compression in an SDN environment

OData support
Dr. Gulyás András
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Software-defined networking conquered datacenters and many companies started to offer SDN solutions together with their network devices for enterprises. The design has clear advantage over classic solutions, but the technology is young and a lot of potential application is still hidden. I chose the Robust Header Compression to explore what kind of benefits can be achieved if used together with SDN.

In my thesis I studied the Openflow specification, built a simple network with a controller in which I was able to use virtualized network functions (NFV). I also studied the RoHC specification and the network protocols RoHC focused on. Based on an open-source implementation I developed an application to be used as an NFV.

I tested multiple network configurations to determine the limits of the compression and decompression side of the operation and find the most effective scenarios in which RoHC can became the part of a high level managed network. I also performed measurements to discover the risks and gains of specific RoHC settings, besides measuring the efficiency of the header compression on different types of network traffic.


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