Development process optimization with automated test framework generation

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In addition to manufacturing technology, the dynamically developing world of

today is largely due to the flourishing of information technology. Almost all of the

currently available passenger cars offer comfort and safety features that were

unimaginable in the industry a few decades ago. Just think of the automatic emergency

brake, the lane keeping or the parking assistant. Keeping up with the pace of

modernization, self-driving vehicles will soon become widespread, further reducing the

number of road accidents by eliminating the human factor.

The implementation of these aforementioned services requires the collaboration

of complex, embedded systems, the operation of which is ensured by the multitude of

sensors that detect the environment. The design, implementation and maintenance of

such high-complexity systems require the cooperation of many professionals. The

process is further complicated by the globalization of the automotive industry, with

manufacturers and suppliers in many parts of the world having development and

manufacturing centers.

To overcome these difficulties, a consortium named AUTOSAR

(AUTOMOTIVE Open Systems ARchitecture) was created that sets well-defined

standards to standardize embedded software architecture, software modeling and

integration technology.

Over time, it became clear to manufacturers that, in addition to product quality,

the quality of development processes is also a key issue to improve quality, that is the

reason why an advocacy group of the manufacturers (Automotive Special Interest

Group) has developed Automotive SPICE, which prescribes the requirements needed

for development. One of the cornerstones of this is the verification of software units,

which includes testing.

In my thesis I implement an automation framework to fulfill one of these testing

criterion, the unit testing.


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