Developer motivation portal with Java technologies

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Java remains one of the most popular and most demanded programming languages. However, it is not enough to know only the Java API, there are many useful frameworks for developers that are required for many jobs. Spring is one of the most used frameworks used by Java developers.

With the use of many useful features provided by Spring framework the work of the developer can be easier and faster. With using these features our application’s structure will be simple and modular. There are some specific parts of the application that are supported very well by Spring, for example the Data Access Layer, and the handling of the data retrieved from the database. The handling of http requests can be implemented easily with the use of Spring. A project’s structure can now be specified with the use of Java annotations instead of XML. Thanks to this, the Java class will contain the information regarding the projects structure. With the use of Spring boot creating an application is easier, as we get a lot of components reconfigured to work out of the box. The most useful of these components is the embedded Tomcat server, thanks to its simply running the application’s JAR file, the embedded server starts, so the web-application can be opened in the browser right away.

Besides the use of previously mentioned technologies, if a developer knows the basics of front-end development, including one Javascript framework, he/she can have a big advantage on the job market. Although the Javascript is changing rapidly, the AngularJS framework managed to make a name for itself in the past couple of years thanks to its huge support from the community, and the fact, that it works very well with Single Page Applications, that are becoming more and more popular in the recent times.

In my thesis I will use the technologies mentioned before, to build a web application, that developers can use, to award each other with points. One can get a badge for his/her points. This should have a motivational effect on workers, and also improve the team’s work ethic. During the process, I will document the arising problems, and the interesting solutions, while analyzing them.


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