Development environment for PicoBlaze

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The reconfigurable logic elements provide cost effective, easy and fast way to solve problems. However it is a very long and hard process to make complex state machines on HDL level, with high risk of make any mistakes. To eliminate this problem simple microcontrollers are available in HDL level implementation, what can be programmed in ASM language. This helps to make big and complex state machines, but low level programming is not an easy task, debugging these codes neither. The developer tools which shipped with small systems usually do not provide so much features, lots of features are completely ignored in these products. It is not a good solution to use external tools, because developers can not find free software what provides all of the important features.

The aim of this Thesis is to integrate these missing features to the PicoBlaze microcontroller developed by Xilinx and to make an IDE with all of the important feauteres. The solution has to be simple, easy to use and compatible with the LOGSYS system.


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