Brake Force Distribution Between Electric and Mechanical Braking Systems of an Electric Vehicle

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Dr. Balázs Gergely György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

At the request of the department in my thesis I develop and compile the braking system of the electric-powered race car designed in the university with the acquisition of the necessary physical knowledge. In my previous studies I have already dealt with physical simulations and during my work I gained experience in the field of mechanical brakes.

I provide an overview of the background of electric cars, I present the physics and process of vehicle braking, the system designs and the background of the implementation of electric braking.

I select the corresponding complements of the hydraulic brake system for the university’s electric race car, through studying the required characteristics, and adapting it to the simulation results.

To the braking system optimization I use the MATLAB program to make a simulation of the physical energy processes occurring in the car including the necessary braking forces and torques.

At the end of my thesis I create a simple and feasible brake optimization algorithm, based on experimental and simulation data.


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