Workflow monitoring system development in Java environment

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The topic of this thesis is the development of a web service, which is able to monitor processes and users. My aim is presenting the main parts of these systems also the technological challenges and possible solutions through a prototype like application.

In order to do this, my thesis contains a clear specification about the system and its use cases. -Furthermore it gives an overview about the technologies which I would use, including EJB, JPA, Hibernate and Spring, also jQuery and Bootstrap, the possible benefits and disadvantage of the usage of these.

The next step of the development is the recognition and modeling the business entities and the business processes connected to them. Parallel I present the backend architecture, the classes of the packages of the server JAVA application. During the implementation my aim was to present solutions of various problems (for example the RESTful web service processes all the four HTTP verbs for CRUD operations, also I give an example how to handle parameters from path, from the message body and from cookies).

After the backend development I continued with the frontend development: the design and implementation of the user interface which runs in a web browser. I used the current modern technologies and the best practices of these. Thus the developed application is a responsive thin client application which totally useable not only on personal computers and laptops but on mobile devices (cell phones, tablets) as well.


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