Implementing a Home Assignment Management System

OData support
Kövesdán Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, online learning is getting more and more popular in the institutions of education. There is an increasing demand for submitting and managing the homework online. Online homework management includes publishing, ordering, submitting and correcting the homework tasks. A correctly developed and usable home assignment management system can be advantageous in financial and time management perpective, because it makes the administrative steps faster and easier. The thesis includes the presentation of the implementation of such a system.

For developing a web-based application, it is crucial to use a good and reliable framework. These days one of the most popular web-based, Java framework is Spring. AngularJS is a frequently used technology for develping the frontend. In the web-based applications, the data is usually stored in relational databases. However, with the so called NoSQL databases, a novel trend has been spread. The main point of these NoSQL databases is to address the deficiencies of relational databases, and to reach high availability and good scalability. In certain senarios, they can be much more beneficial or faster. One of them is the document-oriented MongoDB database software. The goal of my thesis is getting to know and presenting it this database system through the example of the online homework management system.

For developing the mentioned home assignment management system I use the widely-spred Java Spring framework and AngularJS, one of the most pouplar frontend framework. I use MySQL to store the data of the application. In another version of the software, I use the chosen MongoDB database to manage the documemtums handling. These two different versions of the appliaction are compared from the point of view of design, complexity of the implementation, flexibility and testability. I conclude my thesis with the description of my expericences, which I got during using the technologies and implementing the applications.


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