Improvement of assignment verification system

OData support
Dr. Szeberényi Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the modern education of programming self-learning is increasingly emphasized to motivate students to acquire deeper knowledge. This is possible because of the widespread internet access, which allows these systems to be available from anywhere at any time.

To offer proper self-learning environments the CPorta system was created at the Department of Control Engineering and Informatics at BUTE. Later CPorta got obsolete and difficult to improve so it was replaced by its successor knows as JPorta. The new portal was able to fulfill the requirements of teachers with its administration interface and also to provide an opportunity to automatically evaluate students' programming tasks.

This automation of programming tasks greatly helps both teachers and students. Students are able to see their resulst almost immediately for their uploaded solutions, which makes it easier to fix and try again. From a teacher's point of view it considerably reduces the time spent on chechking student submissions.

In my thesis I present the existing functionalities of JPorta, with particular regard to the administration and the automatic evaluation module. I design and implement new features that make administration even simpler for teachers. Finally, I propose further development opportunities.


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