Exercise description module for on-line education system

OData support
Dr. Szeberényi Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

There is a considerable part in the process of learning that goes to individual practice and problem solving where getting fast and reliable feedback about their progress is essential for students.

This can benefit greatly from doing substancial parts of the necessary verification automatically, freeing educators from significant work.

From this perspective the education of programming is in a special position because validation and testing of programs was performed with high levels of automation from the beginning.

In recent times, with the recognition of potential in online education and the widespread availability of broadband internet connectivity we see the proliferation of platforms supporting education that aid the work of students and teachers outside of the classroom.

Jporta found at the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology at BUTE is such a system providing assistance for educators with administrative tasks beside its automatic submisson evaluation and testing facility.

In my master's thesis I'll introduce the operation of Jporta and the design process of the aformetioned submission evaluation subsystem.

As part of this, I'll present the requirements for the module, than I'll design a structure suitable for the description of automatically evaluable assignments and a system capable of evaluating submissions made by students for assignments created via said structure.

Lastly, I'll suggest two new features which I'll detail briefly.


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