Task management system based on .NET WinForms technology

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our times, people have to solve a lot of tasks which vary from little to-do to huge project. Establishing a task management system would be advisable to organize, record and memories enormous amount of tasks. A successful solution could facilitate and speed up the organization, we could make better plans and it would ultimately improve our productivity. The difficulty of the problem is making an application which can manage the simplest to-dos and the most complex project also, it is intelligent and rich in functionality but it is simple to use.

There are many tools trying to offer a solution to this set of problems. To-do apps for simple task do not have enough functionality. On the other hand, complex corporate project management software are too opaque and not available for home users. So there is a missing application which has the advantages of both of the above software but does not contain their defects.

To solve the problem, I analyzed which data structure is expedient to store and organize the to-dos. I looked for solutions which are available on the market, I inspected their strengths which I tried to apply in my solution. I examined their weakness which I try to avoid in my system. After that, I learned and used C# programming language, XML and Microsoft .NET Framework, including Windows Forms and XML library to create a graphical application with GUI which store tasks in hierarchy, we can define dependencies between tasks, with these information the application can help to arrange deadlines to the tasks and also we can prioritize the tasks.

I would have like to create an application which can open up a new direction in the world of productivity software and it could improve people’s jobs dramatically. On the other side, I would have like to learn technologies which are capable to build a software with GUI and gain experiences in it.


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