Design the hardware and software of a semiautomatic injection valve for microfluidics

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Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

My thesis is about different type of injectors (Rheodyne 9725 and MXT715) in microfluidic systems especially in flow injection analysis. It is very importtant for the measurement based on biosensors to get the examined fluid to the sruface of the chip (make the injection) in a controlled system. During the injection it is essential that the main fluid flow can not be cut off and air must not be in the system. The build-up of the injector must be ensure the constant flow of the examining fluid during the valve changes. My goal is to make a softvare which can controll the MXT715 injector and test it with QCM measurement. I calculated the statistical value of an injection reproductvity (used the equation of the standard deviation).

My work has started with demonstrating the manuals of the two injectors and the QCM method itself. I made my program in Visual Studio 2008, in C# windows form language.

I used a device named QCM-I and quartz chips that are produced by MicroVacuum Ltd. for my measurements.


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