Development of a semi-automatic testing system for the controller unit of an electric vehicle charging station

OData support
Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Liveability of cities nowadays is greatly improving with the spread of e-mobility. In order to popularise environment-friendly transport, there is need for affordable electrical transport and a good charging station infrastructure. Among the many types of chargers, the most convenient ones are fast charging stations, since their construction and power enable charging time to be reduced from several hours to 20-30 minutes.

With such high power, the question of security emerges. I participated in a project in which I was able to develop a test environment for the application-specific hardware of a fast charging station made by evopro. This environment has to guarantee the correct operation of the sub-units inside the installed charging stations.

In this thesis, I will present the basics of electric charging stations and the characteristics of evopro’s charger. I will introduce the requirements and realisation of the test environment. Furthermore, I will present the modular test interface which I designed.

The structure of the modular test interface and its environment is complex, but it ensures easy use. With its help, any arbitrary complex measurement arrangement can be created, and the process can easily be made semi-automatic.


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