Development of an explorer robot

OData support
Dr. Prohászka Zoltán Ferenc
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The thesis is about developing a robot from scratch to a controllable robot capable of serving mapping valueable data. The hull of the robot is a 4 wheeled differential drived toy car. By reading this document the reader can track every step of the building process and how this toy car evolves into a fully mapping capable hardware and how the designer sorted the responsibilities and tasks between the embedded and PC environment. To achieve this the robot was needed to be able to detect and sense its sorrounding environment, able to move in that terrain by a given control and transmit the measured data toward the PC where the map drawing is realised. The task was to implement a motor control (driving circuitry hardware and the controlling algorithm software), search or build a sensor which can be used to mapping purposes (evaluate the hardware elements and develop the signal processing software), diplay the data (converting and displaying the measured data as a map representing the sorrounding environment of the robot) and of course developing the hardware-software elements capable of processing that data and control both in embedded and PC environment.


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