Developing a user-friendly LaTeX editor software

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

LaTeX is a mature document preparation system, which is often used in scientific circles. It has many advantages, like the ability to create complex documents with equations, figures and other items. However, the fact that it is source code based, which is the reason for its great advantages, also serves as a drawback. The compilation of the code can take a long time, especially in case of long documents, making the user’s job more difficult. The even greater problem, however, is that even though LaTeX is designed to help the user concentrate on the content of the document and not its format, in reality, this is not what happens. Instead of working meticulously with setting the formatting, the user has to learn to write LaTeX code, which is a complex task because of the great variety of features LaTeX offers. There are several applications available for editing LaTeX code, but all of these have drawbacks. My goal for this project was getting familiar with LaTeX in a general way and the editor programs available for it, examine these regarding their advantages and drawbacks, then, using this knowledge, develop an editor that can be used to edit LaTeX code in an easy and user-friendly way.

During the project, it was important to always be mindful of making future development easy. To this end, I first gathered ideas about what features a user would like to see in a LaTeX editor program. Then, I ranked these according to importance, and chose which ones should be implemented. After this, I considered several alternative solutions, and chose the one that ensured the best opportunity for future improvement.

The result of my project is a simple, easy to use editor program. The program already possesses several features that make LaTeX code editing easy and user-friendly.


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