User-friendly LaTeX editor

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

LaTeX is a world widely famous document preparation system, by the usage of which

good quality and well-formatted documents can be easily produced. Its language elements

support editing images, figures and equations therefore it is widely used in scientific

circles. The principle of LaTeX is to separate the presentation and the content of the

document, so that the user of the system can concentrate better on the written text and

by that an appropriately formatted output can be made with less effort and less amount of

time. However, the declarative commands, which put the principle into practice, demand

some knowledge. Getting familiar with the instruction set of LaTeX and spending time

waiting for the source code to compile make the tasks of the user more difficult. Even

learning to use LaTeX is not an easy task at all.

From my point of view, an important task of a LaTeX based word processor is to make

all the potential of the environment available for the users unfamiliar with LaTeX. The

goal of my work was to create an application that can be used intuitively by anyone.

Initially, I got familiar with the environment and the specialities of that and got aware

of the difficulties occurring during the usage of it. Then, I examined the available word

processors, collected all the advantages and disadvantages of them and identified all the

requirements a well-designed LaTeX based word processor has to fulfill. My aim with that

was to develop an application with all the functionalities that can be benefitial for a user.

With the experiences from my researches I designed and implemented an application that

fulfills all the necessary requirements and provide all the inevitable functionalities.

The result of my thesis work is an easy to use program with an ergonomic user interface

that helps the users unfamiliar with the LaTeX environment to use the numerous

advantageous features of the system.


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