Implementation of a user friendly and multi modal web-based vectographical editor

OData support
Lukovszki Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Vector graphics plays a big role in several different areas of Information Technology, including geographical mapping, illustration and engineering. There are a lot of solutions for displaying and editing vector graphics, but they are available only to a certain user base. Therefore, there may be a demand for general and easy-to-use solutions.

Due to rapid development of the World Wide Web, and HTML5 technology, there is a wide range of possibilities in development of easily-accessable platform-independent applications. This technology makes it possible to develop simple, user-friendly and intuitive solutions.

This thesis focuses on the development process of a HTML5 web-application. This application will be able to display and edit vector graphics, to create vectors, areas and to import bitmap pictures. During the development I tried to pay special attention to user-friendly functions, and to the modular and multi-modal structure of the application.

In the first part of my thesis, I will be presenting the fields where vector graphics are used, and the currently available solutions for editing vector graphics. After that, I provide an overview of the technologies, which I used during the development.

In the second part of my thesis, I explain the development phases of the vector graphics editor, step by step. First, I complete the preliminary analysis and the planning of the system. In the Design section, I make a detailed scheme of the software. Then, I introduce the process of implementation and the working mechanism of a few important functions.

Finally I demonstrate a functional testing, performance testing and my summarized results.


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