Development of User-friendly Smart Home Solution

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Due to the development of technology more and more devices have appeared. The aim of these devices are to make people life easier and to decrease the consumption of environmental resources like electrical power and water. These networked embedded solutions which can communicate with each other are called Internet of Things. The smart home systems is one of the part of IoT which can be useful in the household.

Nowadays there are plenty of smart home devices (lighting, safety, presence detection etc.) available for the users from different manufacturers. Although the market breakthrough of these devices has not happened yet. Users think these devices did not worth it, because the setup and maintenance of the smart devices needed more money and time effort.

During my work I looked over why popular smart lighting devices is not so successful as much as they could. I made my solution architecture according the causes. I chose the communication protocol and I made a prototype and an Android application. The user can configure, monitor and control the prototype with the application. Then I integrated my solution to a popular open source home automation system. After that I achieved a third-party device can control my prototype through the home automation system.

Finally, I compare my solution with a smart bulb working on a similar principle. Based on the result I think my solution is more user-friendly because of some different technical solutions. However, cannot be said that this is the best solution in such a fast-growing market.


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