User-friendly system modeling techniques

OData support
Dr. Vörös András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, the increased complexity of systems pose new challenges to engineers. A solution to overcome these challenges can be the application of model-driven approaches, which aim to decompose and structure the system into smaller subsystems, thus focusing only on a single problem at a time. Another advantage of using model-based development is that it provides a systematic approach for system analysis enabling verifiability at early design phases.

As the discipline of Model-Based Systems Engineering became more and more popular, the need for methodologies, modeling languages and tools supporting model-based development has increased. With the emergence of the Unified Modeling Language and its extension, the Systems Modeling Language, systems containing both hardware and software components can be easily represented using models. Moreover, the SYSMOD methodology gives a systematic approach on how to specify each aspect of the system.

In order to use methodologies effectively, we also need to provide such modeling techniques, which are intuitive and easy to understand by the users. In addition, applying these techniques should reduce the overall costs of the project and facilitate the development workflow.

In my thesis, I overview the SYSMOD approach and another methodology used for systems engineering at Ericsson and by using textual domain-specific languages I propose techniques which can enhance systems modeling.


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