User interface for an electro-thermal simulation software

OData support
Dr. Pohl László
Department of Electron Devices

During this semester, my task was to make a graphical user interface that exploiting

the capabilities of the new electro-thermal field simulator (SUNRED) which was made at the

department. The model for the new version's design was the user interface of the obsolate

software. The task had to be implemented in C# language.

In the first chapter of my thesis I present the functioning and the applicability of

successive node reduction algorithm which was recently improved at the Department of

Electron Devices, and I show also the differences between the current and the former

versions. Subsequently I make a brief presentation about the implementation of the .NET and

the WPF frameworks, and the benefits of their utilization.

Chapter 2 introduces the main features of the new interface unit (editor and the 3D


Chapters 3-4: details the functions of the editor and the 3D viewer.

In chapter 5 I present on a sample project that how to use GUI and it’s developped


The last chapter summarizes my experiences that I have collected in the course of this



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