User interface oriented mobile application designing and implementation

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Day after day lot of new applications appear for different mobile platforms. A part of these gives some new, innovative, useful solution for a problem, other applications implement an already known, well-tried functionality. An application can be the part of any of these application group, the users will use it only if it looks good, it can be used easily and intuitively. Therefore, it is very important to spend enough time on the application’s appearance and usability, design UI and UX aspects besides the functionality.

The thesis work introduces the design and development of an application written in Kotlin for Android operating system for helping to evolve a health-conscious lifestyle.

The application helps guide the user towards a healthy lifestyle to avoid or reduce risks (primarily cardiological). The app is also a kind of health assistant that can be used to connect smart devices to it, which help monitoring the health of the user.

The thesis work introduces the requirements and guidelines of today’s major platform manufacturers to comply with applications running on their operating system. Thereafter, an entire UI/UX design process will be described, which can significantly increase the likelihood that our development work will be rewarding. Then the application’s design and development process will be presented using the knowledge acquired during the research work. Finally, testing and documenting the completed application closes the thesis.


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