Improvement of User Interface on a Liferay Portal Technology Basis

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In the first half of my thesis i looked up the open souce portal based systems. In relation to the topic i studied the Java and PHP based solutions. On the portal pages we display portlets. The structure and behaviour of the portlets are described in the portlet specifications. During my work i studied the JSR 168 and the JSR 286 specifications.

After the learning of the basic background knowledge i studied the Liferay open source portal system, which is a Java based portal system. I inquire into the technologies, frameworks and components what Liferay supports. My main task was to create a portlet with Liferay technology. The starting point of my task was that we have a Java based application, which we want to run on a portal system. I describe what kind of technologies we use in this project. In the integration section of my thesis i describe what technologies i used during the implementation and what decisions i made in the planning phase. If it was possible i tried to use those technologies what we used in implementation of the desktop appplication.

After the integration section i specify the implementation of my JSF based portlet. The application has a right management system, i write about it in another section.

After the presentation of my portlet i specify some problems that i had experienced during the implementation. After that i describe how i tested the application and how we can develop this application in the future.

I finish my thesis with a short summary.


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