Scheduling of User Traffic in LTE Systems

OData support
Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services


Information is value, and information avaliable anytime, anywhere is treasure. The need for fast and reliable mobile data traffic shows an apace increasing trend.

As an answer to these user needs 3GPP develops newer and newer technologies. There was no exception by the birth of the LTE standards neither.

What we are talking about is a complex group of standards, which stricly prescribes some technical parameters, and sets requirements against the quality of the provided service. Althogh there are questions remaining unanswered by the specifications. One of those is the question of scheduling user traffic on the radio interface. This aspect has direct influence on the serving of users, so this is a serious opportunity for service providers, and for the developer of network elements to come out with better and better scheduling solutions in order to optimize sevice quality, and create competition.

In my paper, I will present 13 of these algorithms, and I also will simulate some of them, and after evaluation of the recieved results, I will make some comparisons between them.


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