Effects of User Mobility in Mobile Network's Efficiency

OData support
Fehér Zoltán
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Recently as a result of the widespread use of smart phones the role of position dependant applications has significantly increased. The mobility enabled by the appearance of the mobile device, the increasing number of users, moreover those services in the form of internet applications cause more complicated issues for mobile companies in order to ensure the safe continuity of the service.

My goal was to test the quality of the service offered by the mobile network depending on the position of the user – with the help of a self-developed measuring device. My intention was to choose the sort of situations for testing that an average user’s daily routine contains: on the way to work during the rush hours, a visit to the countryside, or even underground transportation.

The device I implemented is an Android application which tests the signal strength of the mobile network’s nearby cells and also logs the GPS coordinates describing the device’s position. Furthermore, it is a task of the application to record the (above mentioned ) data for further analysis.

During the analysis I compared the expected and the measured data which are illustrated on a map with the help of another application. As a result of my work I have gathered more detailed information about the capacity of the mobile network under the given circumstances.


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