Integration of user profile data sources and controlled handover of their data for authentication

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

One of the important functions of computer applications is authentication with access management. The same applies to the systems operated by BME-VIK undergraduates. Many big systems have appeared for the last years, which handle hundreds of users' data, however, their user base is not completely identical.

It poses a problem for both the user, who has to keep different authentication data in mind, and the software programmer, who would like to build upon one of these systems.

The aim of my thesis is to make an application, which integrates the three big systems used by VIK students (BME directory, SCH Account and VIR) into one and forms a single profile from the collected data. After that, the external developers can access this profile as well, following the authorisation given by the user.

Since this data collection happens automatically, everyone wins. The user benefits, because he/she has to remember only one authentication data, and the developer's work is easier, as instead of integrating three systems one by one, he/she only needs to deal with a system having one standard interface.

Firstly, I describe the previous situation in my thesis, then present the planned architecture. After that, I demonstrate the technologies used to solve the problem and plan the system details. Then I prepare the implementation according to the plans and test the accuracy of the implementation. Finally, I show some further development possibilities.


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