Development of a presence indicator device for Microsoft Lync 2010 unified communications system

OData support
Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

For an enterprise nowadays it is essential to support their business processes at a high level with communication and collaboration tools and services, therefore they need a reliable and versatile communication system. Microsoft Lync 2010 unified communications system provides comprehensive enterprise voice features and a considerable set of collaboration tools (such as rich presence information, instant messaging, video conference, desktop sharing etc.) and is being used by several companies.

The presence information (indicating a user's ability and willingness to communicate) is a major element of the services provided by Lync. Its importance is proven by the fact that it is integrated into other Microsoft applications as well (e.g. Outlook, Sharepoint). While determining one's presence in front of a desktop PC or a desk phone is simple, in case of a personal visit or without our contact list, it could be quite difficult.

The goal of this project is to develop a "presence-indicator" device which can be mounted on users' nameplates at their office, visually indicating and wirelessly updating the user's presence state. This device is intended to eliminate the need for door signs like "visiting time" and sticky notes such as "be right back". A further type of application could be indicating the occupancy of a meeting room (and forecoming events) based on its calendar information.


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