Automatic monitoring of user interactions

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays there are a lot of profession where it is necessary to make as accurate time-sheets as possible. The time-sheet should assign every minute of working to a project. Later the value of the task can be calculated about the time spent for the project. A law office can be a good example to introduce this topic. In a law office an employee usually interacts with 10-15 customers in a day, and performs different tasks for them (e.g. creating or reviewing agreements, writing letters etc.). In this example every customer is a different project, therefor we should know how much time was consumed for each customer individually.

The task can be done in two different ways. The employee can write the time-sheet manually. In this case it can be very inaccurate, because of the personal element, and it will take the valuable time from the important tasks. The other way is to automatically generate the time-sheet by monitoring the activities of the employee. This solution will be much more accurate. At the end of each day the employee must review the results and accept them, which probably will take only a few minutes.

In my thesis I am going to offer a solution to this problem, which will be usable on Windows operating system. The software can assign the daily working time to different projects, if the following office software products are used: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome. The designed system will support the integration of new office software solutions easily.

In the first section I will introduce the topic in more details, then present the technologies used by my software. Finally, I will discuss the aspects of the software development, and show the accomplished product.


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