Automated analysis of user behavior on the Android platform

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The aim of my thesis is to develop a framework, which measures various performance data of Android applications. The framework need to be added like another library to the project whose data we would like to measure. I provide an interface and its default realization and a client-side SQLite database, where the measured data can be stored. We have the possibility to measure the time, the type and the size of network traffic, besides the time of inserting and querying database records, moreover the data display time of the user interface according to default options. If we would like to modify these functions, we simply need to overwrite them. The framework also supports saving the measured data into a database and the write of the stored data into a csv file. The developer has the possibility to determine where it worth optimizing the code with the help of the results.

My further objective was the integration of the framework into an example application and the demonstration of its operation. The application is capable of displaying news. The user can subscribe to various topics, then he gets news about them from the server. If he is no longer interested in a topic, he can unsubscribe from them, and he won’t get any news about them anymore. After reading the news the user has the possibility to react them. The application can be used in offline mode as well to read the already downloaded news, since it uses a database for storing data.


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