Design of user-focused test cases and test rack using Siemens drive systems

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Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Testing gives valuable feedback for development and manufacturing departments in terms of accurate working of everything according to the plans. As a customer we require, that the product should be able to work as is described. Furthermore, the product has to fulfil even non-written requirements, which are unambiguous without describing them. Together with my colleagues we do the system tests of some type of Siemens frequency converters: we examine the correct co-working of the real equipment, logic controllers, commissioning software tools from the point of view of the user.

We can find in some type of inverters an embedded web server, which gives possibility to the user among others to do diagnostics, to read and write the inner parameters of the drive. Furthermore, the user can create own-developed web pages, which ones can use during the operation of the equipment in a customized manner. This functionality is one of the highlighted areas of testing from a system-point-of-view. In order to this in the present thesis I make an own-designed test equipment, I run own-made software on its elements aiming that many system-components should work simultaneously. To be able to make decisions about correct working I define unique test cases. I examine all the above-mentioned from the point of view of a user engaged in motor development/production or a test engineer. Thus I enforce the interest of the Producer and the Customer as well.


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