Developing a cloud based secure file hosting application on Windows platform

OData support
Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the cloud services are becoming more and more popular. The data are

managed by a service provider to ensure that the client accessing to redundant storage via

network. This solution is effective for companies to reduce costs, there is no need to create

their own solution and maintenance it.

The traditional solution of the main problems that will potentially sensitive data

can be accessed by the service provider.

This service, Tresorit, provides a solution to the problem using client-side

encryption, so the data sent to the cloud provider is already encrypted. Participants in the

stored data with this feature is only able to decode the members of share.

My thesis is designed to integrate the features of Tresorit to Windows Phone Store

and Windows environment with all the basic functionality. I present to the operation of

the service, as well as to plan and implements the required functionality. To do so, I

prepare the XAML-based graphical interfaces and perform to the systems integration,

such as downloading the data to local storage, decrypting and opening.

I examine and present the emerging problem areas and possible solutions to those

arising in detail during the planning and implementation. The software package is created,

which in terms of quality and capabilities can be comparable with other available

application in the market with similar purpose.


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