Development of a cloud based blog application

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The cloud based computing is one of the most dynamically evolving sector in information technology. The spread of this paradigm made high performance and top quality IT services available for people and organizations for whom investing in such equipment was not an option.

The scope of my thesis is to present the cloud based computing paradigm by creating an application based on it. I will focus on all of its benefits and drawbacks and also the questions of designing and implementing a traditional data-driven application combined with the challenges of the cloud.

My task to design and implement a cloud based blog application. The goal is to create a Web 2.0 service which gives the ability to the user to easily write and publish blog entries, uses today’s technological innovations and ensures easy maintainability.

On the first part of this paper I will present the Microsoft Azure platform in general, after that I will review the details of the technologies I have used. A client side framework called AngularJS will be also discussed.

On the second part I will present the architecture of the application, the decisions I have made choosing the right storage services, the design of the data models and finally the implementation of the application.


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