Cloud-based full-stack smart-home IoT tools, platforms and frontend

OData support
Dr. Cinkler Tibor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The choice of my thesis subject was influenced by my interest in Smart Home systems, and was also inspired by the previous tasks I was dealing with at the university. I was also motivated by the Smart Home solutions available on the market and I took it as a technical challange to build a solution on my own from the device to the frontend.

In my thesis I will take a look on the technologies and protocols developed for Internet of Things, especially for those, which are capable to create a Smart Home solution. After that I will design a sample smart home system and implement that. In this system I will use the Ericsson IoT platform for the device management first, then I will implement a platform designed by myself.

A lot of off the shelf device supports Amazon Alexa Voice service, that is why I felt important to build a system that supports Amazon Alexa. I have not found an extensive documentation about Alexa intergration, so I documented the main parts to be reproducable from my thesis.


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