Evaluation of cloud based radio access networks

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Dr. Fazekas Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

During my thesis I presented the problem with which have to face the radio acces networks and the providers of these networks as well. This problem is the continous traffic growing. Furthermore I presented basestations compostions which have been used so far, and afther them I showed a new one which could handle the continous traffic grow cost and energy-effective. This system is none other than centralized radio acces network whose advantages and challenges I presented. Plus I showed further improved version of this system which is virtualized radio acces network also known as Cloud-RAN. After that I explained a possible imlpementation of this system and I also showed the advantages and disadvantages of this system. At the end of this chapter I talked about a possible development direction of the Cloud-RAN.

In the second part of my thesis I presented my simulation modell and I talked about the MATLAB envrionment. Afthe that I definied the metrics which I tested through the simulations results. About the simulations I defined the parameters and I document the simulation results with pictures plus I presented the metric results with tables and diagrams. At the end I summarized the results and I gave my opinions about the future developments of this model.


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