Cloud robotic applications

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Dr. Haidegger Tamás Péter
Villamosmérnöki és Informatikai Kar Dékáni Hivatal

The development of robots presents new challenges for researchers. New solutions are required for old problems. Cloud computing has become the number one economic IT trend. In my thesis I present the demands which has arisen in the field of robotics and which created the cloud-based robotics.

Cloud Robotics is an emerging field within robotics. It is gives a lot of solutions for some hardware and software limitations. For example limited computing power, limited storage space, limited number of software. There are many followers of this technology and many cloud-based robot developed by researchers but we must not forget that there are still challenges in this area.

In the first part of my thesis I focus on cloud informatics so I can show the basics of this scientific field and where I also present how IT related to health care. I show the problem of time delay which caused by finite signal propagation speed too.

The second section is about the relationship between robots and cloud. I present the basics of cloud-based robotics and I explain what it is mean. Thereafter I show a few cloud-based robots from some robots that have nothing to do with health care all the way to the surgical robots.

In the third section I show a possible modeling procedure what split the system into two separate subsystem. The master side realized by a human operator model and the slave side realized by a human inspired robot arm model. After that I present the design and integration of the hardware and software environment of the da Vinci surgical robot. By the end of this chapter I will finish the basic work with the robot so the teleoperation with the robot will be available.

In the fourth section I develop some solution for the cloud-based da Vinci surgical robot system which is based on surgical plans what can be found in the cloud and with using these plans we can improve the quality of the surgery.

In the last chapter I present the clinical applicability of this surgical robotsystem and I present what we can expect from the system in the future. Based on the results of surgical robots present worldwide I am sure that these robots will be an integral part of the surgeons work and cloud-based information technology will further increase the success of these robots.


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