Designing and implementing a cloud-based business application

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The development of positioning systems was a major breakthrough worldwide in computer technology and generally in technological innovations. With a specific focus on of indoor positioning, it is obvious that this system forms the basis of several frequently used applications, for example, location-based advertising set up in some stores. Still, in spite of the technology’s wide-acceptance, it has numerous yet unexposed opportunities left. It seems logical therefore to try to grasp every potential idea in this field, as there is remarkably wide range of applications that could make every-day life much easier, and furthermore it could also help with companies and firms by automating common physical tasks and creating statistics from the historical locations of their employees.

This assumption is the basis of the framework I developed in my master’s thesis. First, I present the technologies I used in Chapter 2 and 3, that helped create the framework. There were dozens of alternatives to choose from, in some cases, the main reason for choosing a particular technology or 3rd party library was based on its capabilities and in other cases popularity and community support played a key role in the decision making.

After outlining the basis of my thesis, I present the two main examples I have chosen to demonstrate the process of developing the framework, which is detailed in Chapter 4. Then, I describe the architecture of the server- and client-side application in Chapter 5, finally I explain the details of the implementation in the following chapter.


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