Cloud orchestration with OpenStack

OData support
Dr. Vidács Attila
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My diploma thesis solution consists of several parts. First, I had to understand how OpenStack works, and how can I implement the automated management of the OpenStack’s resources. Furthermore, I had to analyse that what kind of background operations are used by OpenStack during the resource modification process.

It was quite important to choose the appropriate programming language because I had to use REST API during the solution, and I didn’t want to solve the problem with a programming language which is completely new and unfamiliar for me. Consequently, I have used Python earlier, also the specifics of this programming language are can be learnt easily and the using of it is not too complicated.

During the implementation I tried to find a generic solution with flexible configurability. That means, the program accepts and handles variable set of input parameters. After the implementation I verified the software with executing various test cases and I checked that the test of the methods generates the correct (expected) outputs and behaviors.

In addition to the design, the development and the verification tasks, I examined the options for further improvements and selected the technologically relevant possibilities.


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