Implementing a cloud-based intelligent information broker

OData support
Dr. Mészáros Tamás Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Due to cost-efficiency, usability, and high levels of security, cloud-based computing rapidly spread in recent years. Beyond storing files, this new trend makes possible to integrate various cloud-based services into our applications. One of the biggest advantages of this is that software developers do not need to implement these services themselves, they can utilize refined solutions in their systems.

Moreover, cloud-based computing features sophisticated intelligent and cognitive tools as well. Companies no longer need an expert in the field of artificial intelligence for the development of a speech or image recognition system, as it can be easily achieved without any specialized skills. By integrating these services, previously costly artificial intelligence solutions can be developed effortlessly in our days.

In this thesis I design, implement and evaluate a full-stack system which is built on such cloud-based intelligent services. As the first step of the development process, I introduce how I planned the application and did a research on cognitive tools. After that, I present the architecture of the application, and show the chosen technologies and tools needed to actualize it. As the next step, I advance with the implementation of the system, then I present the structure and operation of the various modules. Finally, I describe the completed solution, document the wide-scale testing of it, and outline the possible fields of future research.


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