Devide level design methods for cloud-based systems

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Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

It appears that in the IT (Information Technology) world great new ideas - which are positioning the IT into new dimensions and change people's life - come up regularly. In 2012 most of the IT professionals are talking about Cloud Computing. Beside the major global companies already operating their services through it, many Hungarian companies have begun to implement the cloud-based technology.

The first part of this thesis briefly summarizes the technology behind IT data centers and the solutions provided by them.

After this introduction, the building blocks of server-virtualization will be presented. These soluitions, including central data-storages, SAN (Storage Area Networks), blade architecture and various methods of virtualization are core elements of cloud-based systems as well.

Furthermore, the thesis will give a general summary of specific cloud-based systems. The concept of private, public and hybrid cloud will be explained here.

The first part of my engineering project was setting of the requirements for a complete IT solution, which I have done based on a specific company example. A general methodology, which I have used to make a system-plan for the developed private cloud system will also be presented in the this part.

As the second part of my project I have carried out and documented the implementation steps based on the previously mentioned system-plan.

During the last part of the tasks I have tested the services of the developed private cloud system, as well as compared its services to an ordinary virtual environment.

Based on the performed tasks, measurements and the acquired results, I have come to the conclusion that every large-scale company would benefit from an investment into the private cloud-based technology.


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