Implementing enterprise information system modules in Appelon cloud based environment

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Purchase and further maintenance of commercial ERP software products are often expensive and contain a lot of features which are not required for companies and never will. In many cases small and medium-sized enterprises become bankrupt after a wrong choice of ERP system. My goal is to find an optimal product of the hundreds of available tools and solutions on the market, which is cost-effective to design and develop various essential modules for the company.

During my research I found Appeleon agile environment as best suitable product from financial and implementation aspects. I will design three modules in the rest of my dissertation that helps to record and maintenance data about company’s open/loaded positions, employee’s personal information and assets.

To implement the written 3 modules, I had to get know the platform and offered opportunities in detail, which I will describe in my thesis.

My solution is a web-based solution that supports recruitment, stores employee information and their own assets. It handles access with different authority groups. There are reports that support management to evaluate the results and make decisions. I have designed and implemented a search function that allows employees to view their colleagues on a sheet. In addition, you can see the other employees in the group and the hierarchical presentation on the datasheet.


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