Cloud Security in Large Enterprise Environments

OData support
Dr. Buttyán Levente
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays more and more web applications are being deployed to the cloud. Businesses use cloud technologies with predilection because of its numerous advantages. But as any technology cloud has disadvantages too. Two of the most pressing matters are the security of the cloud and the lack of trust in cloud service providers.

In my thesis I demonstrate the cloud as a technological solution. I write about the reasons of the increase in the usage of this technology, the benefits and drawbacks of using these services. I write about the types of cloud solutions and compare them from several points of view. I exhibit the layers needed to operate a web service and the level of abstraction provided by various cloud service types.

I compare the cloud to the on-site server solutions based on economic, manageability and security aspects. I show that the security concerns of cloud-based systems are not that different from that of the traditional solutions. I write about the shared responsibility model that describes the way security responsibility is divided between the provider and the customers. I also showcase a number of security solutions that cloud service providers offer.

I exhibit a proof of concept application that provides a possible solution for the problem of the trust in the cloud. The application models a confidential data storage system. I present the used technologies and their justifications and talk about the security and confidentiality problems that my application solves.


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