Concert Organizer System with Android Support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays nearly everybody carries a cell phone in the pocket, and a huge

percentage of these phones are smartphones. Because of this, the market of the

applications created for smartphones is growing constantly, and we’re using our phones

in more and more life situations, for more and more reasons. One of these things is

organising. Everybody has organised a meeting before with a phone. But a gig or concert,

only a few of us. People wouldn’t think how complicated it can get.

The aim of this thesis is to present an Android application, which helps to organise

a concert, and to get rid of the complications we face during the organization process. In

the application users can create profiles, they’re able to invite each other to events, to

accept or reject an invitation. One of the main functions is to search for users by music

style, instrument and availability. In addition, they also can send messages to each other,

to discuss every detail properly.

In the first part of the thesis I specify the requirements, then after presenting the

applications similar to this project, I introduce the technologies used during the

development. After this I sketch up the architecture of the system, which is followed by

the implementation, and then finally comes the audit of the created application and the

review of the possible improvements.


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