Monitoring and management solutions in cloud environment

OData support
Bozóki Szilárd
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Cloud computing based solutions are among the most frequently chosen and the most widely applicable informatical solutions of our days. Their growing popularity is fueled by the possibility to access services as products without the burden of purchasing and maintaining a whole informatical infrastructure.

The scope of this thesis is to present the possibilities of cloud monitoring, by introducing the performance data measuring tools and solutions, executing data measurements in different system layers, providing the results to management systems and creating a reliable system profile.

In cloud computing environments performance statistics play an important role in system scaling. The main motivation behind performance analysis is to use the pay per use model by optimizing the resource consumption.

This document presents a popular open source cloud computing environment called OpenStack and its measurement possibilities, example of data collection, data forwarding and measured data analysis.

The softwares created for this thesis can be used by existing monitoring systems to collect data from different layers of the cloud infrastructure through SNMP. These programs are also known as SNMP agents, their role is to collect and publish cloud per-formance data.


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