IoT supported managed transportation

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis I deal with the development of an IoT system, which can make the road transportation process more transparent and traceable, thus increasing its effectiveness and inspectedness.

Problems often arise during the transportation process, which have a serious impact on the efficiency of it. Delays, jams, accidents for example represent significant time losses, which are not acceptable for certain consignments or for the receiving parties of the shipment. In addition, the physical status of the goods arriving are also important to the recipients of the consignments. For example, in their case it is a useful information if they know that the cargo did not suffered any damage during the process of the shipment.

Such cases can be traced and indicated to the shipping parties by using some kind of observer system. This system should work with the data collected from the data collecting devices, which are located in the transportation units, during the process of the transportation. These data should be processed within a cloud service. The system should inform the users based on the processed data via various services.

By creating this data collecting system, I would like to make the process of the road transportation more controllable and more verifiable.


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