Design and realize of the surface potential imaging control unit

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Dr. Kollár Ernő
Department of Electron Devices

Creating a new control unit for a surface potential mapping device was a challenging engineering task, as it involved not only the application of the advanced techniques of force microscopy, but also incorporated hardware design tasks and software programming skills.

The foundation of the thesis is an advanced technique to measure surface potential, the Kelvin probe, which maps and measures the cross-sectional electric fields and the distribution of surface potentials in integrated circuits

Afterwards, the structure of the controller, the selection of the hardware components are elaborated, highlighting the characteristics of the used circuit elements and their communication with each other. In my thesis I discuss the steps of hardware design starting with selecting the design tools, then making the schematic design and finally planning the layout.

To accomplish the task, I had to program the chosen microcontroller. T therefore, in the final part, the software specification and design steps are detailed after the specification. . In this chapter, the test circuit used for testing the written code is also presented

As a result, the functionality of the control unit is presented in the thesis via a test circuit.


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