Cooling of semiconductor devices with microchanels formed by anistropic etching

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

The purpose of my thesis was to design and produce a microcooler that is integrated on a silicon wafer, where the cooling channels were made using anisotropic etching with TMAH. On the other side of the chips, I formed a p-n junction, which can be used as a heating diode during the transient thermal analysis. The closure of the channels were made using wafer bonding technique, with a glass that was holed in the middle. During proccessing, I had to design the technological steps and the masks for photolithography, and also had to make the needed measurements.

During the semester we qualified the backside diffusion on silicon wafers. With transient thermal analysis we analyzed some of the integrated microcoolers, I made earlier, and we compared the results of the earlier qualified microcooler device.

Besides the making of the chip, I designed the lay-out of the measurements and a new clam for the future measurements. For the gas inlet of the clam I used double O-ring, in order the better sealing.


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